What People Say

Finance coaching is a fulfilling phenomenon. It opened up my mind to the world of abundance. It is clear that building wealthy is 80% mindset then 20% about the real money. I am thriving for I got the power to take lead on my financial status. I finally sorted out my money related traumas.
My experience was such a great eye opener. I got to ask myself where my money was and how it would be working for me. I got to know about my priorities with regard to finances and how it affected my financial strengths and weaknesses. I got to know the basics to financial freedom, a path that discipline leads as consistency follows.
Finance coaching opened my eyes to a wealth of opportunities I can tap into to grow my wealth. It also instilled a sense of discipline on how I spend my money. I now appreciate the value of a shilling more; we normally ignore or even lose track of the small day-to-day expenses which in the long run amount to such a significant amount. I also learnt the importance of having an emergency fund, a splash account and most importantly taking care of self by maybe taking an insurance cover to cater for me when I'm unwell.
I didn't understand the need nor importance of Finance Coaching until I spoke to Ken and he made me realise that just the same way we need doctors to ensure we are in good health, we also need Finance Coaching to ensure our financial health is in shape. He opened me eyes to so many issues around Personal Finance, Investment Options and Financial Trauma. I must say I am different now and I view finances with a completely different perspective. I believe talking to Ken was the best investment I made.
I have had the pleasure of receiving Ken's financial coaching for more than an year now and it's been truly transformational since our first session. His guidance has inspired me to do so much more meaningful and impactful things with my money. Consequently, my financial field of view has expanded for the better and the quality of my life has improved exponentially. I recommend his services to anyone who’s breathing and interacts with money, that’s how vital financial coaching is. Ken addresses everything from unlearning financial trauma to embodying and attaining financial freedom. A true gem.
I have a lot to say about my progress regarding financial matters, your financial coaching tips is one of the tools everyone should apply in their every days activities. Financial coaching is an eye opener for me, it has taught me how to monitor my costs and account for my expenses at any given time. A new saving habit was born thanks to this money wizard. With Ken's coaching I was able to start a business I was eyeing and didn't have an idea of how to go about. I will recommend Ken anytime any day for anything in line with Finance. Money, that's always our slogan.
Nairobi, Kenya
I realized I needed financial coaching after losing a job I had for 4 years and I had nothing to show for it. My new job was barely helping making my ends meet. I took a finance coaching class with Me and my mind was opened. I now have a business that helps me gain extra money. I am able to track my spending both personal and for business. I am able to invest wisely. My money no longer just sits in the bank. I am currently investing in money markets. I have a better relationship with money and I am more open to listen to financial advise. I no longer buy things I do not need. This financial coaching came at an opportune time as I am learning to love and respect money and I know I'll keep respecting money when more of it comes my way. Money actually comes my way frequently. Thank you so much Ken Ouko for impacting my life positively
Ms Malika
I was very clueless about pensions. It was something that I felt I was too young to worry about. That I had plenty of time to think about pensions. Then, I went through a divorce and that is when I realized pensions were a big thing. Pensions are a crucial topic in marriages and in divorces, it is not only about old age and jobs. My lawyer wanted to know how we were splitting the pension and I was so clueless about it all. I didn't even know how much pension I had (quite a tidy sum it was) and how much he was entitled to it. The whole topic was overwhelming to me and I couldn't make head or tail of the jargon in the documents. As it was, I reached out to Ken Ouko, the finance coach and he advised me accordingly. I ended up safeguarding my whole pension and getting a sizeable percentage of his pension (as per the pension laws and out of court settlement. When this pension from my ex came, I didn't know what to do with it. I was going to leave it in the pension fund it was in because I didn't know where else to invest it in. Once again, the finance coach came through for me and invested it (for me) in the stock market. It has already grown more than had I left it in its initial fund. When I cash it in due course, it is going to be more than ten times had I left where it was. I have thus a very tidy nest egg for my early retirement, all because of using the services of a finance coach. I strongly recommend finance coaching for all your pension advice, at whatever age you are. As long as you are expecting to grow old one day, you are better off planning your pension now. You sort out your pension, you are guaranteed an early retirement whereby you will be well able to have a high standard of living.