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Personal Finance

Despite being such a constant factor in our lives, we have not been given sufficient information about it. It is with no surprise that our lives are constantly stressed with money related issues. These could range from debts, living pay cheque to pay cheque, going through a potential divorce or separation, lack of information about investments, making life changes which have financial implications or earning a reasonable income without managing to build up adequate assets. I am ready to work with you in a holistic way to help you work through these types of issues and empower you to develop confidence in making decisions and finding solutions.

Financial coaching sessions can also help you gain insight into what’s leading to your financial behaviour, clear some of the challenges in the way of your financial freedom and enable you to feel better equipped and motivated to tackle financial issues.

Our Services

There are different levels with regards to the services offered and they depend on how far you want to go with us and your personal Financial and Investment goals.

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Single Session Consultation

Mainly handles specific questions and inquiries depending on the needs of the client


Financial Planning

Focuses on Money Mindset, Personal Finance Management, Financial Health Assessment, Financial Planning,


Income Generation

Focuses on Income Generation and Investments


All Inclusive

covers everything from Money Mindset, Personal Finance, Debt Management, Money Management, Career Prospects, Income Generation and Investments, followed by continuous indefinate support with regards to Finance and Investments

Benefits To You


We will come up with a clear plan on how to control your money with confidence


We will help you understand different financial products


You will be able to off-load all the money thoughts that are whirring around in your head by putting down on paper a plan with structure and accountability


You will achieve a sense of clarity of your financial situation


We will identify key actions that you should take and develop an individual lifestyle spending plan


You will receive month-on-month support from me to keep you focused on progress, not perfection; this is a process not an event


We will develop new financial goals and work to achieve them and help you create an abundance mindset


Our Plans

Single Session Consultation

Kshs. 4999 / $50
  • Mainly handles questions and enquiries from clients
  • Answers specific questions
  • Subject Specific
  • Guidance on buying specific investments like stocks, bonds, T bills, crypto, forex, property

Financial Planning/ Investment Options/ Income

Kshs. 14999 / $150
  • Investment Options and Products
  • Financial Objectives and Goals
  • Business and Career Prospects
  • Personal Financial Gameplan
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Financial Health Assesment
  • Financial Planning

Financial Freedom Pack

Kshs 24999 / $250
  • Cultivating Money Mindset
  • Money Alignment/ Behaviours
  • Personal Financial Goals & Objectives
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Financial Gameplan
  • Debt & Money Management
  • Income Generation
  • Investment Options and Products
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Skills and Career Opportunities
  • Estates, Assets and Savings
  • Free Continous Support

Business Finance Coaching

  • Financial Management and Training
  • Ongoing Business Finance Management
  • Sales, Pricing and Margins
  • Financial Expertise for SMEs
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Diversification within Business
  • Business Investments