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I am Kenneth Kaunda Joe, a Finance and Investment Coach.

Just like most people from my background, I was born in a society with little or no focus on financial literacy and brought up with very limited knowledge about money. I decided not to let my environment control my life. I therefore went on a personal journey of understanding how money works. My first step was to learn how to trade the forex markets and later I ventured fully in to Finance. Due to my desire for freedom and independence, I have acquired knowledge and experience on Financial Literacy and it is my dream to share it with as many people as possible.

My drive and passion to pass down my knowledge about money and make it as practical and easy as possible is informed by the need to uplift people and travel this journey of financial literacy, freedom and independence together. I am able to give a very holistic and unique approach to money issues due to the fact that I have walked the journey of financial illiteracy and I know how arduous it can be.

Academically, I have a background in Political Science and IR, International Economic Law, International Development, Finance and Banking MBA. Am an avid traveller with over 100 countries under my belt so far. This has helped in expanding my view of the world with regards to Finance Coaching. I am also the Co founder of Gene Coaching School.




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