Learning new skills.

This involves finding something to challenge yourself, to boost your career and it’s best to be done now because you’ll be bettering yourself and fostering personal growth and development. You’ll also be taking advantage of a less than ideal situation by doing something positive for yourself.

Learning a new skill becomes a source of great accomplishment and the feeling of accomplishing something is one of the vest motivators. The closer you get to the mastery the more motivated you’ll be to continue and once you’ve mastered one skill, keep the momentum going and Learn something else.

Start investing early

Investors who start early practice patience and stick to a long term investing strategy often see the best returns and financial success. The money invested early goes on to grow into a huge corpus due to the higher number of years of compounding and it it also allows one to develop disciplined spending habits by focusing on the budget and cutting expenses when needed.

Early investing is important in that one can take as many risks as they like, for instance in your 20s you get a chance to make mistakes and fix them if they deviate from their financial goals and you can also be more aggressive with your investment approach and increase your exposure to the high risk equity market that provides higher returns for the risk takers.

Investing in oneself

Investing in yourself helps one to start acquiring knowledge and other various skills that will greatly impact the return on investment on anything you pursue and helps you diversify your knowledge, improves your decision making and helps you be prepared financially.

A way of doing this is to understand how to invest your time i.e organizing your time for maximum return on investment. So basically investing in yourself is the key to helping you improve financially but it has to start with you.


Once you start traveling in your 20s, you’ll learn to value little things and appreciate the fiber things in life. As you travel and explore on your own, you’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way and eventually end up learning something important that will help you in the long run.

It’s the time when you are full of energy and enthusiasm to set out for journeys beyond your comfort zone and it’s the age when most of us are adventurous and curious to try out new things, to dive into the unknown and to find a path rather than getting lost.

Embrace failure and mistakes.

Most often fear of failure is rationalized as waiting for the perfect opportunity, better time or less risky idea. Whether you are seeking to build a startup or advance in your career, you can’t succeed without starting and you you need to embrace failure as the key way to learn and adapt.

Everytime you make a choice in life, you’re taking a risk. Use past failures experience to inform the present and positively influence the future. Start out with small steps that lean into your uncertainty and discomfort and make them your growth indicators.

Failing is the strategic way to collect and apply tactical knowledge and methods you can use for future benefit along the path to a more successful business, career and life.


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