Facebook and Instagram plan to pay $1 billion to creators as an incentive to use the platform. This is where the creators will be eligible to earn rewards from Facebook for taking certain actions like creating content on its platform and through regular livestreaming. So the question is, must you have many followers to make this possible and what makes it different from TikTok?

This is a good opportunity for starters who have a good content to begin if you have something you can provide, if you know what you want to do and finally if you know the impact you need to create.

Many might worry of the consistency of this incentive but taking an instance of YouTube, it recently launched some fund for its creators through making short videos that will be paid out and it has consistently paid its creators and Facebook will also do the same because it’s not ending the deal any time soon.

This incentive is for the invites only as opposed to TikTok but for starters, you should never let go of this opportunity if you have a good content you can create for you never know whether your content will make them invite you. To make this possible, you don’t need many followers because you don’t know how different people will react to your content but all you need to do is to have a public platform and consistency and for starters, you can begin on whichever platform where you can create an impact and for the already existing creators, ensure you diversify and never lose the focus.

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